Sunday, January 6, 2019

We're BACK!

Let the blogging begin!  

First, I need to remember HOW to log in, post, and adjust my blog.  OH how quickly I forget things these days.  I'm out of practice so this won't be fancy!  haha  
Who am I kidding...I was never fancy when I knew what I was doing! 

 I'll start slow and update where we are as I have a layout to adjust and pictures to locate!  Check out 'About Me tab' to see how this all began and where we are headed with MyShannonigans!  We hope your family had a wonderful Christmas like ours.  We are missing a son-in-law, had a crazy cold go through some of the gang, mom shed some tears out of exhaustion.  Memories were made, relationships have grown, and Colt (grandson) has definitely become our play toy  while his daddy serves our country!  We are keeping him entertained and his momma busy!

Why I start to blog again when homeschooling is top priority (beyond me)!  I'm even hosting a big local event for oils in January, our house is a wreck, meals haven't been planned, the calendar has gaps, and I can barely see my desk...SO WHY NOT BLOG?!  Welcome back to MyShannonigans!

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