Tuesday, April 25, 2017

He Loves Me

He loves me! He totally loves me! Went to bed super early last night which basically means I wake up at 2:00 a.m. because I can't sleep. In light of our large spider invasion I turn on EVERY LIGHT downstairs.
Deciding to clean my desk and WHAT comes strolling around...that DANG ginormous spider! I first pray he doesn't head my direction! Then pray he will walk a little faster and clear a path to my husband! Then I had a brilliant idea I could use my phone and call him, but NO...I left it upstairs! Now the dilemma, if I run, where will that spider go? If I stay, how will we ever get rid of him? Praise the Lord for GIANT bowls! With my heart pumping and my breathing like I ran a marathon I grab the biggest bowl I can find and slap that sucker on top of the spider! Then I take off running! You know that is a sight to see. Getting to the top of the stairs, now how do I not completely freak my husband out because what I wanted to do was scream! In a loud whisper I got his attention. This is the LOVE me part. No questions asked, no we will do it tomorrow, no you are being ridiculous, he just comes downstairs and takes care of the issue. I am quite sure he subconsciously thought I was losing it but he didn't let on that I was a hassle or inconvenient to his only 2 hours of sleep. He took care of things til I felt secure again then kissed me before heading back to bed.
Now my heart comes back down to a normal beating pace I realize how the Lord comes to my rescue every time as gently and loving as my husband. It doesn't matter what I have done or how I approach Him, His response is always the same...ready for me to leap into His arms for security, love and acceptance before I ever even ask!

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