Monday, April 24, 2017

Cars, Wires, and Rodents

Good GRIEF!  From Spiders, Bees, Lady Bugs, Rats or Mice, and some large Cat that wasn't a house cat running around the house, now we have RODENTS chewing wires in our car!

Are you kidding me?!

I have got to channel in my country girl because clearly these things are not going away.  I have to keep being enlightened to some new creature that likes to invade my home I have made for my children!

My husband thought he would make me aware that we could have been driving with it all weekend, did I mention it is MY CAR!  I have probably had a free rider for quite some time.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  NO woman needs that picture in her head.  Do you KNOW what would have happened if that thing had made an appearance? !  Pretty sure you can draw your own picture!

So what do you do when your husband calls and announces our car issues this weekend were do to rodent chewing on wires?  You immediately Google, Car, Wires, and Rodents!  Did you know there is actually exterminator stuff for that?  Who knew?!

Now...nobody be a kill joy and tell me they don't work.  You can call my husband up and inform him. Hopefully he is smart enough to spray the car down and tell me we are all good whether we are or not.  I totally can shove unpleasant things out of my life!  Let me live in la-la-land.  It does my heart good!

Surely we aren't the only rodent chewing wire car family?  Right?!
Anyone have a cat that wants to roam our property?

So what is my spiritual take away?  The enemy sneaks in and creates havoc often when we are unaware!

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