Sunday, April 23, 2017

Screams, Spiders, and Reminders

When you have a rent house you don't always get to dictate how things are repaired or what they look like.  Because TRUST me!  If we owned this home...THAT hole!   THAT gap!  THAT board! Would NOT be there!  

I can't relax!  EVER!  Now that I know what could be there!  It was always a possibility when we first moved here, but now I KNOW!  That feeling of being watched...was for REAL!  This is my view from my desk!  I can't enjoy the window outside for always looking up to see, "is HE there?"!

If you follow me on Facebook then you know the story.  If is a quick glance at my post:

When you see a ginormous wolf spider crawl out on the ceiling above you...there may have been some EXTREME SCREAMING involving my husbands name! That's it!! My heart can't take it! 
 I'll admit it! I'm all girl!!! 
That thing about did me in!  Did we kill it NO!  Pretty sure my scream sent it back to hiding😩

It's like the enemy is ready to pounce on me ANY minute!  So I spend about a gazillion times a day while at my desk or walking out the front door looking UP!  This little issue may have solved my late night working!  No way am I staying alone, at night, by this gaping hole for whatever is in there to make an appearance.  We have lived here 11 months...11 months I was lulled are fine there is nothing there.  Then BOOM!  My world is rocked!   

I am waiting, very well aware he WILL make another appearance.  Hoping I am ready, yet not so sure I will be in the right frame of mind to accomplish his death or removal from our home! OH THERE will be a GREAT SCREAM!  I will respond so fast I probably don't even have to think..."Big bad spider now scream!  It will just come out!" 

As only the Lord can do He has brought even this situation back to Him.  Several things come to mind...
  • Am I ready when the enemy will appear?
  • Do I spend more time looking at what MIGHT harm me vs living life?
  • When I encounter danger will I reach for the Lord first or will I act in my own power?
  • Are my eyes on the Lord more than on my circumstances?
  • What is the overflow of my heart?

As I look up, checking for the spider.  I am I look to the Lord as often as I am looking out for this spider?

What IS the overflow of my heart?  Have a built a good foundation and have I spent so much time with the Lord that just like that SCREAM that WILL naturally come, what will naturally flow from me in ANY GIVEN circumstance?

Will I function in the spirit, respond like Christ?
Will I function like the flesh, respond like me?

I pray that I will continue to look to the Lord and that He will continue to flow through me in any circumstance, at any given time. seems I have this little reminder every time I look up, where is my heart?  where are my eyes?  what flows through me?

What reminders do you have in your life? 

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