Wednesday, November 16, 2016

You Are Getting A Hug

Oh Brady! You have captured my heart! Full of hugs, love of life, and love of people! Where would our family be without you?!

You make me stop to give you full on hug in the midst of busy days!  You never let me leave without hollering and running for your hug and kiss!  Even at 8 years old, you never miss a beat as you are still at it! 

You know when days are tough and we need them!  You give them whether we want them or not!  May you always keep giving hugs away so freely!

You are wiggly, fidgety, jabber constantly, always inquisitive and learning, making sure we are accurate and correcting us when we are not, and always willing to admit when you are wrong with a snicker of I'll get it right next time!  

You love big, you love wide, and you love deep!  

May you forgive us when we are short with you!  Way to put up with having  what seems like 9 parents, since you are the youngest in the family with 7 older siblings.  May you continue laughing as we enjoy your childlike love of life!  We are laughing with you not at you!

Where would our family have been if we had stopped having children before you came.  I shudder to think and thankful we put God in charge.  Whether we are ready for it or not...we will be getting our hugs from this little guy!  Keep'em coming Brady!  Reminding this mom to stop, slow down, and enjoy the moment!  Amazing what a HUG can do?!  Who have you HUGGED today?

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