Saturday, November 19, 2016

Heartbroken ...But Not Defeated

That word sums it up for me.  I think we were all fully aware the battle that was ahead with the elections and what was/is at stake.  But I don't think I expected to see and hear what is our new reality.  I'm not blogging to rile people up again.  I'm blogging because we have lost all kinds of decency.  We are no longer elegant, classy, or sophisticated.  We are no longer tempered, balanced or wise with our replies.  We no longer look for the good, hope for the best, or wish blessings upon one another.

We want to be heard and could care less how it sounds, looks, or what it reveals.  We are crude, rude, and unloving.  When your 8 year old can't tell the difference in a child or an adult anymore we have a problem.

Where have the adults gone?
My older kids are asking...what happened to people?
Well, that would be sin!

I've had more people who say they are believers say some of the harshest stuff.  WHY?  That doesn't make sense to me.  I am probably about to step into here and I hope not.

You don't have to agree with me but by golly don't accuse us of being unloving and then say that very thing to us!  Really?  Are we that blind that we don't see we are supposedly fighting against our brother vs the enemy!  Oh that enemy is sneaky!  He has gotten us bickering like children.  We are sidetracked into name calling, yanking each other down, and in full blown tantrum while the enemy sits back and lets us go at it!

What happened to being different than the world?  What happened to taking the higher road?  What happened to teaching our children how to control your emotions, respecting those around you, and loving all people.  And no...just because we don't agree does not mean I don't love you.  When did that become a thing?

How many of us have children?  How many of us don't agree with choices they make?  How many of us LOVE them unconditionally anyways?  YET...we have a world that is teaching them if you disagree then you hate me.  NO!  That is NOT accurate!

Let's get back to 'adulting'!  Loving our neighbor with a gentle response vs a harsh or crude comeback.  Choosing our words wisely vs throwing everyone under the bus who chose a different way to process and vote through these elections.  Let's honor those who have fought so well to gain us the freedom that we are so carelessly tossing out the window.  Let's be the light in a dark world vs allowing our light to be smothered and drowned out by our words, actions and responses.

This is to you my brother and sister...stop pointing fingers at one another and get back to fighting the enemy!  Throwing each other under the bus is NOT the way to go about being the hands and feet of Jesus!

We are all sinners and we are all at different stages of our walk and faith.  When did we become so quick to measure someones faith based on works and actions?  Pointing fingers will never lift and encourage someone.  I without a doubt believe there is a time to fight but we should fight the RIGHT WAY!  May the Lord reveal where we are weak so He can be made strong.  I pray our hearts are not hardened to where God has no room to work!  There is a battle out there and turning to fight one another is the WRONG BATTLE!

Lord, I pray you will be made known through my life.  I pray for my children to become strong, caring, loving, and grace filled adults!  I pray through struggles, trials, and tribulations they will experience the peace that only you can bring while living in a very chaotic world.  I pray above all that we will live a life that brings honor and glory to you through our actions, thoughts, deeds, and responses.  What are you living for?  To be right or to glorify the Lord?


  1. I pray many will consider your thoughts! Truly, because of Jesus Christ in us, we seek to speak the truth in love. Giving respect and seeking unity as per Ephesians 4:1-16.

  2. A very nice post. I know I am guilty of this. I have strong convictions and have concerns that I am supposed to stand up for those convictions. But I find myself filled with a lot of anger. I will try to remember to fight the enemy and try to be more gracious with those I disagree. Thank you.