Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Let's ZOOM

This is how you look when you are trying to keep the family connected over the miles!  

We are 11 people, spread across 3 states, and 5 cities!  
So this family of 11 uses video conferencing, ZOOM, to stay connected!  (Well, technically the military son-in-law was sleeping!  He serves our country well so we shall let him sleep and catch him next time!  We love you Josh!!!) 

This will be our first year to be separated for the holidays.  
(Sad...until I realize how blessed we are that we may miss this time but we still have one another!  Praying for those who have lost loved ones recently...our hearts hurt for you.)  

Thanksgiving and Christmas will look very different for our family this year with so many miles between us!  It is definitely time to grow our oil business more so we can travel to see the kids!  So, who wants in to help the Williams CONNECT?  Got oils?  HA
(But seriously....referrals are welcome!  And of course I have a link on my blog!) 

Until the day the Lord provides other means, 
then we will seize today's technology and make the most of it!  

Thanksgiving is always the time we draw names for Christmas 
so we thought doing Zoom would almost feel like we were in the same location!  

(Kids are baffled at how this will work...WHY, OH WHY, DO THEY STILL DOUBT ME!  
Mom has skills when it comes to getting her family together!)  

When you are 700-1,000 miles have Grandma come to draw names for the kids 
who are out of state!  Once names are drawn then G'ma texts them their Secret Santa!  
Christmas isn't easy to get gifts for a large family, 
so Secret Santa is our way to make it  FUN and AFFORDABLE!  

What Christmas fun and twists does your family do?  

Pretty sure ZOOM will become a staple form of communicating while we are miles apart!  
It was great catching up as we could laugh, joke, talk on top of each other 
like normal, while we connect.  Finding things out like their little sister being hit on at Walmart, 
who is buying a real tree,  and who is working too much or too little!  
We have our Christmas/Birthday Questionnaire loaded up to the family facebook group, 
names have been drawn, and we are ready to shop!  

It was SO GOOD to see their faces as we long for the next time we can ALL BE TOGETHER!  

Hoping you and your family have a wonderful time with one another through the holidays! 


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