Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Chaos, Order, and Wiggling Happening Here

WOW! This pretty much resembles Barry's face
when I tell him I created more folders in our business webtools! LOL

It is quite clear that our brains process information quite differently!

Mine is carefree and based on feelings, his is analytical and based on facts. Blend those two together and I see an adventure that makes me laugh. Luckily...I can usually get him laughing prior to the heart attack!

I am thankful for a man that chooses to love my differences vs allowing them to irritate him. I am thankful he chooses to work with me and teach me vs shaming me at my lack of naming abilities on folders and files.
HEY...I totally color coded them so he can find them faster!

I am fully aware he has to fix what I have done! I am open to him doing what he does best. Being a mom I gotta seize my moment and do what I can do when I can do it. Leaving room for adjustments!

I feel like we are a Donnie and Marie couple. Instead of a little bit of 'country' and a little bit of 'rock'n roll'. We are a little big of 'carefree' to a little bit of 'order'. We totally rock this working as a couple thing! *said in humor as we wiggle through it*

We are figuring out our strengths and weaknesses and just like marriage I am finding we excel at different things which I see as complimenting one another. So if you have a spouse embrace the very thing that probably drew you to one another. Remember, you chose one another so fight through the chaos and find your laughter again!

I know we are doing okay when the kids now laugh at our little exchanges! We are fully aware we have children (young and old) watching, absorbing, and learning how to handle marriage one day. I hope they learn to LAUGH with their spouse. Wiggle through until you can find common ground and while you wiggle don't put each other down. Take a deep breath, realize they weren't on purpose trying to throw your world upside down, then appreciate who they are. Barry knows my heart and knows that I am not trying to create chaos, it just happens naturally! LOL

Now excuse me while I try to explain to my husband once again my thought process! Then give us another 30 minutes for him to fix what I did and bring order back into our 'oily' world!
How is the wiggling in your family going?

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