Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Shhh! You Are Waking Me Up!

You have got to be kidding me!  This cracks me up, well, actually it kinda made me mad...then I laughed!  How is this something my kids can say to me?

We are at our 3rd hotel in 3 days and I am up late because I have to be ready to greet the window guy early in the morning to fix our broken windshield.  In the process of answering emails, sending messages, preparing for classes, and repacking my bag (that was thrown together because of the BEE fiasco) I am told I am waking them up!  Are you kidding?

Really?  YOU are gonna say that to ME???

I wanna say...do you know HOW many years, nights, weeks YOU have kept US up?  Hmmm...what's the calculation on this....I don't know but something around 10,000 days based off my oldest child's age.  Then we should calculate that x8!  You could say....they aren't still little so what's the problem?  Well, then you haven't had teens and college kids as of yet!  LOL

I love them but they think nothing about telling us to be quiet and yet we ask the same and they laugh and say sure until the next LOUD chuckle!  OF course...how do you enforce them to stop laughing?  You get to be so excited and thankful for the laughing vs the bickering that you let it slide!

So again...what is UP with these kids telling ME to be quiet?! haha

Who knew we could have solved our sleep issues with keeping kids up to the point they tell us to Shhhh!  We have tackled this whole sleep issue all wrong!

Honestly, I just sit here shaking my head that they can tell me to be quiet!  10,000 days people!  10,000 days of sleeplessness!!  This 'adulting' stuff is NOT for the faint of heart!

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  1. If I had known adulting was going to be so labor intensive - I might have ..... I dunno, done something else. Slept more as a teenager? Back then I went to school, then work at a daycare, then down to Norman to work and train horses. Home by bedtime for a snack, homework and as much sleep as possible before school the next day. What was my rush? LOL