Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WHAT? Another Teen To Train

I may have to start blogging again.  I can’t seem to hold in what I want to say.  It’s been a couple of years because of the need to honor and protect my teens and young adults.  But in a world that has gone insane I am feeling more the need to share.  I've not touched this blog in 18 months and haven't updated it in 3 years.  There will be changes coming soon but for now...I blog.

Having a couple of teens in an argument and then realizing I am  going to have to STOP what I am doing and address this.  AGAIN LORD?  REALLY?  Wonder how many times He says that about me?

As I stopped and addressed the situation it became increasingly clear what I needed to say to my son.  (Son hitting those teen years...and he is proving to be just like the others)  Son...what kind of man do you want to be?  That got his anger and tears to stop and he began to focus on what I was saying.  IT wasn’t about scolding him one more time to frustration.  IT wasn’t about putting him down to finally learn the issue.  IT WAS about having a heart-to-heart to tackle this ONE more time.  Will this end it?  Probably not!  Will this be another stepping stone in his education?  I hope so. 

His siblings are frustrated because everything is a joke to him, a game, rules are meant to be pushed, life is about me.  He is flustered because everyone is jumping on him all the time and constantly mad at him.  He pushes because he feels they are mad, they push because they feel he won’t listen.  We are on a crazy spiral down if we stay on this path/cycle. 

Well, let’s talk about this then.  YOU can’t control them and they can’t control you.  The only thing you can do is control YOUR response.  WOW!  Don’t we have a world that has lost that concept?!  We have a world out there that believes everything is someone else’s fault.  We have a world out there that believes everyone should cater to them.  We have a world out there that has forgotten how to rein in their wants, desires, and anger.  What happened to serving?  What happened to honoring others?  What happened to being thankful for others?  We demand it for ourselves but we refuse to give it to others!

We can’t change what is happening around us.  But we can change OUR response.  Wonder what would happen if we all began to change our response?  Would we see a different world?

My kids will not be allowed to lose control of their emotions.  This MUST be taught in the teen age years.  They go through puberty and girls get weepy and boys get angry.  When they are young it is about learning how to walk and talk.  Then it’s about learning how to get dressed, make your bed, and fix your cereal.  Those teen years…it’s all about learning to control our emotions and our actions.  We are failing our kids when we lose sight of parenting these precious years!  OH…it is NOT easy!  But it is a MUST!  Stay in the battle parents!  Stay in the battle! 

Excuse me while I dive back into our battle of a handful of teens all demanding their self worth!  WOW…did I just describe our country?  A bunch of teens who refuse to grow up and be adults!  It starts at home folks…it starts at home!

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