Thursday, October 13, 2016

That's a Horrible Name

Let's set the scene!  We now work together as a couple.  We have a home based business that we manage.  Tag teaming homeschooling, flipping between who is working on a meal or grocery shopping, shuffling or disciplining kids, and then who is communicating with a team, writing posts, and keeping the computer files straight.  Let's just say we don't handle ANY of these jobs or task the same way!  He sees blue and I see pink!  Imagine that?!

This could be great or this could be disastrous as a married couple!  This is when you learn to appreciate your differences and be okay with allowing each other to shine.  And you better, you just better, HAVE a sense of humor!

He's not at home and I am in the process of saving a document on my computer that he will need to know where to find it to be able to use it himself!  The question is...can I label it, save it, then to find it, so he can help me fix it.  

He gets home and he can already tell by my face I am in need of help.  Love that man!  He can read me like a book!  As he says, words and names MATTER!  It is his motto!  Which I think is quite funny that he married me as I am not very eloquent, I think words are for describing and there is no reason to be exact. My entire family is fully aware that I flip words around, twist up phrases, and rarely say complicated words correctly!  I try, I really do!  Pretty sure I am here for their entertainment!  I love that he is exact, so I guess we were a marriage made in heaven!

So when he comes home and he is now available to help me really find the correct place to store this document and give it a proper file name, I best not be offended when he says..."Now see THAT!  See how the computer saved that?  THAT is a HORRIBLE name!"

"Ummm, I named IT that on PURPOSE!"  

Yes...we all got a good chuckle and then I got another lesson in how to name a file!  Don't tell him but I am pretty sure that bit of information didn't STICK!  Good thing he loves me the way I am!

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  1. You twist phrases and flip words to stay humble and laughing. Otherwise your shining amazingness would intimidate others ;)