Sunday, October 16, 2016

Now WHERE Did I Put That

Please tell me I am NOT the only one!

Let's set the scene:

  • I need to clean up OR find a place to keep something (family of 10 you can't just leave things out...for pete's sake they can get lost!) 
  • But I need to be able to find this later (I got this)
  • I have a GREAT idea to put it in a safe place (nobody will find it)
  • So I put it in THAT great location (making mental note so it won't end up lost for eternity)
  • Inevitably, I can NEVER find it!  (It just so happens I can't find the things I REALLY want to find! EVER!)
Why do I do this EVERY single time.  I even warn myself in thought.  "last time you did this it didn't turn out so well."  And YET...I can on purpose lose things one more time!  HOW?  WHY?  I can manage a household of 10, I can juggle grocery shopping, hair cuts, schoolwork, playing nurse, read stories, tackle emotional hurdles!  I can juggle their schedules and mine, keep track of the husband and things he needs to remember, manage a large oily team, do bible studies manage vendor booths.  I can box and unbox a family of 10 in 5 moves and locate most things.  I can put up Christmas and remember the following season what was in each box.  I know when they are lying, I can tackle the broken-hearted, love on the defeated, I can feed the masses and yet...for the life of me...I can't locate the one paper I always put in a safe place on purpose.   I can't blame old age because I do this EVERY time for years!  Even my kids say, "WHAT? You put it in a safe place?  You know that never goes well!"  Now you tell me!  

So next time, NO SAFE PLACES!  

1 comment:

  1. Send a text to yourself when you stash things. Or keep an ongoing email draft of where things are located. If you can remember ... ;)