Monday, October 17, 2016

Boys And Their Bellies

Love having a daughter that enjoys cooking and baking.  Abbey blessing us with some pancakes made from scratch as well as the syrup!  

Brady begins begging for another one and then another one, I finally ask how many have you had?  THREE

Bud, you need to wait 10 minutes and if you are still hungry then you are welcome to have another one.  "WHY?!"

"If I wait 10 minutes then I will be FULL"  

Son THAT is exactly why we wait 10 minutes!  He was disgusted and I was thankful we stopped the bottomless pit that would eventually turn into moaning from eating too much.  No mom has time to listen to that!

Fast Forward 2-3 days later and a different son pulls the same conversation!  I challenge him to wait 10 minutes to his reply, "Well, WHAT's the point in that!  I'll be full by then?!"  Umm....YES!  THAT is exactly the point!

The funny thing was all the boys sitting at the table were baffled at this while Abbey and I just shake our heads!  How many times must we remind the boys to limit what their eyes think they can do!  WE noticed that their plates tend to be mass chaos of food smeared, crumbs hanging on and off the plate!  It doesn't matter if you are 8, 12, 14, 19, or 47....ALL their plates looked like the same mass chaos!

Then you listen to their panic when someone reaches for seconds hollering..."DON'T TAKE IT ALL!"  (Their eyes reveal the stress they are under as they watch the food disappear!)  Inevitably a conversation on who has had more than their share!  The girls would like to point out we didn't get seconds but what's the point.  Because then that starts, "I get Abbey's!" OR  "I get mom's!"  Every food item, drink, and dessert is a competition.  If they need more dressing, ketchup, or gravy, then you flood the plate to saturation.  Where the girls add just enough to finish off what needs to be eaten.  The plate is practically CLEAN when we are done, but NOT the boys!  Theirs are just disgusting!

Yes...we are quite different in our approach to many things in life!  So I wonder how long it will be until my next son, son-in-law or husband says..."Can I have more?"  or "I'll take what you don't want" (eagerly awaiting our nod they can have it)!

I have discovered girls enjoy the process of a gathering of people to enjoy a meal while BOYS are focused on how much can I stuff into my mouth and belly before time runs out!

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  1. My son will ask me when we are having dinner WHILE we are eating lunch. I promise him that he won't starve but he asks me just about every time LOL