Thursday, October 27, 2016

The BEES Have Landed...IN MY ROOM! WHAT?!

Oh the things that happen to us!  It has been non-stop crazy with wedding, work, and Williams clan arriving!  We had a fantastic weekend with everyone home!  A quick rest, clean up, and dive into the week ahead.  I am about to travel for the next 16 days which means LOTS to do to get ready!
I always like to work at making sure we have good quality time together before we leave town or when life has been super busy.  Carving out moments to just be together and relax.  Since Barry had an early morning I thought I'd get packed so we could just ENJOY the rest of the day together when he got home!  


I run upstairs after doing 6 loads of laundry, cook breakfast, answer emails, etc.  Grab the suitcase and start collecting some clothes to pack when I see a BEE.  OOPS!  (Don't panic...that is what my husband would say!)  Deep breath.  Oh look!  There are 2 BEES.  Nope, take that back there are 3, scratch that there are 4!  Now backing out of the room I see the 5th BEE which means the next words out of my mouth (at a high volume) are B R E T T come get these BEES!

Moms got things to do so lets get on with this Bee removal!  Yes! We are natural enough to know that too many bees are dying so we are going to help these little fella's out!  

This is how you enter a room when you are rescuing your mom from 1-5 BEES

This would be how you enter a room
when you discover every time you leave and return
they have multiplied!  Last calculation was around 60 plus BEES!

So instead of a calm relaxing afternoon we were faced with "WHO DO YOU CALL" and HOW can you sound desperate enough they will drop anything/everything and come to your rescue!  Apparently I have got to work on my distress call because Friday or Saturday is the soonest! the heck am I supposed to PACK?!  

Hence...the get up and the list in my sons hands!  YES...wrote out a list and he runs in and grabs my stuff! haha  I talk to the Bee guy while Brett is gathering my belongings!  

They just had to pick MY ROOM! 

While Brett is on the task of hunting and gathering of mom's clothes!  I was chatting with the Bee Guy and was not kill them more will come!  Do not spray them...they will attack!  Do not block a hole in the wall...they will plow through!  Do not walk barefoot...they walk as much as they fly!  (well, that explains the 20 plus walking around on my carpet!)  IF you smell bananas RUN! 

Fast forward 4 hours and husband comes home!  Quickly goes to the room and then comes back and says "WHAT BEES?"  

OH NO they DIDN'T!  
Those suckers left!  

Husband was questioning our ability to count bees and curious if we have over exaggerated the problem!  PTL all my kids saw them and have their own version of the crisis and all too happy to share dad with their version of the crazy BEE saga!  While they distract dad with stories of our day!  I called the Bee guy and said..."the bees have left!"  "Does this mean we are in the ALL CLEAR" 

That SO CANNOT be good!'mam.  Just means it is the end of the day and they have gone back to their Bee Hive!  
"Well, GREAT!"  You do know what came next!  

Husband wants to stay the night at home because the bees are gone.  He's a MAN!
I say one simple statement: 

You know you will have to pull an all-night-er with your wife and daughter if we stay!  He looks at me and says....guess we are going to G'ma's house!  Poor man gave in too easy...he must be exhausted!  LOL  And might I add...Praise the Lord he did!  His blue side and my pink side were not going to mesh well with him being all male and me not wavering on the female response to FLEE!

I have no ending to this story!  The trip I was dreading because of being gone from home so long has actually come at the PERFECT time!  I can't think of a better time for travel!  (this female will FLEE)  So stay tuned to find out how this BEE drama ends!   (as the male stays and fights) 
I hate to ask but please tell me we are not alone with crazy stuff!  Who else has had BEE Drama? 

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  1. Wednesday we looked at a house at Lake Texoma and it had a room full of bees! And a few stragglers in other rooms. What is the deal? This house had bees, wasps and some other stinger looking buggies.
    What did the bug guy say? When the bees went back to their hive, couldn't you plug any entrance holes then? Maybe with steel wool? Caulk? Anything?