Monday, April 27, 2015

Young Kids, Older Kids, DATE Night is STILL ON

I'm telling you older kids can take more time than younger kids!  I know you moms of little ones are she CRAZY! She has totally forgotten what it is like.  I remember hearing moms of older kids saying the same thing and thought the same thing you are thinking!

But right now....I've been there, done that, living it, and they were right!  (The advantage of having kids 23-6...I am living in both worlds and it just isn't pretty sometimes!)  I am not saying moms of younger ones are not busy!  The fact is...if you are a mom at ANY are OVER your head!  Best be relying on the Lord.  Don't believe the lie when they get bigger it gets better.  I am hear to crush that dream now.  Or better said...give you a clearer picture of reality:) haha

It's been a full day of back to reality around here!  Home from Women's Retreat means putting house back in order.  Let's just say it is 1:30 a.m. and I still have not showered, swept the kitchen, made my bed, unpacked my bag, finish dinner dishes, completed last 2 laundry loads.  Nor have I graded math pages, made my grocery list, or finished some oily business (yes, we are a Young Living Essential Oil growing business family).  

I have however,
  • Hugged 3 boys who missed me (the younger ones miss you more than older ones...each age group has their pro's and con's...haha), played a game, watched a movie, did some school, conquered math road block, and helped them with some chores.  
  • Worked on personality difference with one daughter.  It's just hard sometimes when you are both adults but have different personalities.  We like to say we are your practice ground for marriage one day!  And she is our practice ground for letting go!  It is relationships at its best.  Trying to understand one another and diving at it again when issues crop up.  Not fun for either of us but thankful we both dive back in again as we seek to understand the other. 
  • We have volunteered to puppy sit again (he better not poop in my office again!) and pick up the car that's in the shop and run it to the daughter who is car less at the moment. All in our free time...snicker! 
  • Praise the Lord middle son and daughter were good today or just their needs weren't greater than the rest of them so we can put them off to another day! haha
  • Then college son announces he moves out tomorrow night (the college son who doesn't have a car!) which was our DATE NIGHT!  My first thought was..."Oh, NO HE DID NOT JUST TRY TO CRASH MY DATE NIGHT WITH MY MAN!"  Text confirmed he moves out tomorrow, Tuesday (which he tells us at 11:15 on Monday night), NOT next Tuesday like he originally let us believe!  Now not only do we have to figure out how to pick up car, home school 3 boys, shuffle kids to high school, grocery shop, and have a date we have to move son out!  (I'm telling you...we get to practice team building all the time as husband and wife!  It is come together and conquer, or DIE!)  My husband decided to have a little fun with him through text...  Let him feel abandoned on the steps of campus at the end of a long semester his freshman year of we can have date night.  (We are horrible!) As he says...I see how it is...making the fatherly choice.  I proudly announced that Wife trumps son!  haha  No came through and solved everyone's issues tonight!  He was on his A game!  No college son will be left on the door steps of college and we still get DATE NIGHT! 
Life as a parent just means you are gonna have to juggle, problem solve, feel like a failure, and then find solutions to family LIFE.  There are no easy roads, just the roads that seem to lead to exhausted and worn out parents!  And yet, most parents will say I may be worn out and exhausted but I would do it all over again because I love these little/big people so much!  

Sleep well parents!  Because you have chaos to tackle and people to love on tomorrow!

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