Thursday, April 23, 2015

Leaving Town, LIFE Will Fall Apart

About to leave town to enjoy a group of ladies as we hear about God's word, spend time in worship, bonding through life experiences, encourage one another, and a little time away with friends to relax.

We hope relax comes becomes LIFE Goes AMUCK when mom want to leave!
You try to be prepared.  Your even excited to accomplish your list because you know rest and refreshing are coming.  You encourage others who feel the attack of the world that wants to keep them away from enjoying or even questioning if they should be going, telling them you NEED to go.  AND happens to you.

In a split second all my organization and preparedness went up in smokes.  Instead of being early and on time we will be in a mad dash to accomplish the ever growing list to do before we leave the city.

An assortment of things popped up today but these two things about had me throwing my hands up in the air!

First, I call school to check out another child to see about wisdom teeth removal. Only to find out they won't allow me to do so.  Crazy convo and finally get approval after I feel like I have been scolded:/  Mad dash to make it to appointment to finish filling out paper work only to discover dentist office is closed and can't get x-rays.  Watch college and high school student stress over what is coming and thankful for funny doc to lighten the mood.  (We have another brother/sister team going in!  All I have to say is this set better be funny because we got NOTHING out of the last pair!  It was sooooo disappointing!)  Anyways...back to the school telling me over and over you must bring in doctor note I assured them we would definitely have one.  Well, the chaos of trying to find a date that worked got incredibly difficult and confusing so guess who left the doctor note!  YES...MOM!  Now I've got to figure out how to get note to said school when all I want to do is run away from the city!

Next big thing while trying to relax with my man before leaving town while clothes are washing both our phones are blowing up with text, calls, and emails.  The day should be over!  This stuff should be settling down for the night...but nooooo!  Then I hear, "where are you now", "what is the car doing", "and instructions for car that was over heating last week to working just fine to falling apart the night before I leave town" UGH...of course!  THAT CAR had all week to act up!  But nooooo....had to wait until NOW.  So we are back to another car rental.  THEY ALL KNOW US THERE NOW!  It's kind of embarrassing.  Our neighbors have no idea what we really drive.  SHOOT...we aren't even sure what we drive.  Have no idea how to adjust seats, release gas tank, or to work the air because we have been in a gazillion different cars the past 2 years.  We totally feel like idiots walking to the car because we never are really sure what car we drove that day.  I first thought it was me and getting older but to my relief...the kids are as confused as I am these days!  We totally click buttons and watch for tail lights!

Between wondering where things are in the house from an assortment of houses the past 2 years and the uncertainty of which car works or doesn't work, we are hoping for smoother days!  They are coming right?

Well, at least I know I can escape this weekend and embrace the JOY with other women!  Hoping attendance lady won't make me cry.  Hoping THIS car repair will be reasonable.  And praying for strength for tomorrows Chaos!

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