Thursday, January 29, 2015

Poise, Posture, and Packing

What better time to bring back blogging than in the midst of chaos!
Chaos: complete confusion and disorder : a state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anything 
The problem with that definition is that all though our life really is in complete confusion at the moment our family realizes that God is in control even though we are at a loss which way is what.

If you are near our family you know it has been non stop the past 2 years of one move after another, after another.  Why YES, we are moving to another rent house.  (4th move in 2 years for 10 people)  Not quite the plan I had envisioned when we moved to TN 2 years ago.

Here we are doing real life...homeschooling 3 kids, 2 in high school, 3 kids and a husband taking college classes.  We have 2 church events, 1 parenting class, a couple of choir performances, staff retreat and like we weren't busy enough I am doing a home based business that is taking off which means another conference to attend, ALL in the next 4 weeks!  (I'm wondering if we can skip meals for the next month?  That might buy us some more time! HA) 

While leading a parenting study on Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right has me focusing on POISE this week.  It is one of those character qualities that we desire our children to grasp and learn.
Poise: gentle strength that enables people to balance between the extremes of life.
I do believe LIFE is pulling us to extremes!  Goodness knows we have lived every bit of that the past few years with extremes.  Moments we just want to throw our hands up!  And yet knowing that isn't what the Lord asks of us.  The reality is we get to lead and train our kids by example.  And well, we may not do this perfectly, but with the Lords help, He can still teach us something along the way.  The hope (expectation and desire) is while filling in our weaknesses the Lord will teach them about this too.

Posture: a particular way of dealing with or considering something: an approach or attitude.
This is where we are at as a family.  Do we sit, stand, yell, cry, quit, press on, or rejoice?  I think we have landed on REJOICE.  (I won't deny some of the other has crept in there at any given moment...but we won't stay there.)  Things are just out of our control but when we ask ourselves what will we do...goodness...Christ died for us then we can surely live for him.  Who are we to complain we have to move for the 4th time.  We have a roof over our heads, food on our table, we are healthy for the most part, happy most of the time.  So we are busy and faced with doing things we don't want to do.  They are inconvenient at best but they aren't life altering.  It's all about posture and we have chosen to keep our eyes up regardless of the uncertainty.

Packing: the act or process of putting things into bags or boxes 
This is what we will be doing the next 4-6 weeks.  I won't lie that this is a practice of sending praises up instead of throwing the tantrum and stomping my foot that I would prefer to do.  But stomping my foot won't get me anywhere.  Stomping my foot won't glorify my Savior.  Stomping my foot as great as that sounds is just not what we will choose to do.

So when you see us out and about and we are out of breath with our eyes spinning.  Just send a quick prayer up and hopefully all will settle soon and this will be a distant memory until our next move! (Heaven help me!) 


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