Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Level Of Insanity...Praise the Lord

I used to think having 8 kids was a lot.  And admittedly said God had to fill in my gaps!  Now I'm beginning to feel having 8 kids was nothing on our current crazy life!  You know...the kind moments you reach a point you have to laugh and just say..."Okay Lord!  This is WAY BEYOND my capacity...it's ALL YOU NOW!"

That is my new motto..."It's ALL YOU NOW!"

You know...job change, moved to an entirely new state, 1/2 kids one place 1/2 another.  No worries we are all in the same state now (praise the Lord), 1/2 the cars we moved here with are now junked and 2 new cars have been purchased (praise the Lord).  Still 2 short...but that's for another day!

Gone from homeschooling 6 kids to 4 (praise the Lord) and 2 have started public high school.  This woman is learning new stuff at an alarming rate (not sure that warrants a praise the Lord or a OH MY)!  Did you  know you don't get to check your kids out when you want!  Even if it is to get a drivers license because they are enrolled in Drivers Ed.  I pulled my tough side out and said either I get to take them to get a license or you need to move them out of drivers ed.  (yes, they saw my point of views...praise the Lord)  We have gone from football players to a new season of activities, Tennis time now! That means sunshine!  (praise the Lord) 

A daughter and husband taking college classes in the midst of father passing away (he's entered his forever home! That is a big shout out Praise the Lord), and we are on to yet another move this year.  I love how my kids see this as God has provided 4 homes (praise the Lord) vs mom seeing it as...'really?!'...you want me to box this crazy family up again!  I really am thankful for all God has provided!  But I am very serious in that...I'm DONE with boxes!  Although I may be done...God isn't done allowing the boxes to stay a little longer.  So I will find my joy.  Probably in insane laughter that fluctuates from giggles to tears to giggles.  

Pretty sure my plan ROCKED 11 months ago.  Put house on market, it sells in 1 month, we all move together at once, by now we are all on a great routine and settled in our new home town.  It's great in theory but reality often plays out a little differently!  Apparently, my time frame...wasn't God's!  Although...I do have to say after looking at boat loads of houses thinking ours was sold, then not, then....oops...did I not mention a busted pipe during single digit temps a few weeks ago?  Yep...that happened!   I do have to say that this does feel like home in that I am positive we have driven almost every street here!  I...actually know the layout of the land!  We won't mention the 5 and 8 year old had that down about 7 months ago.  (praise the Lord I had help getting around)

In reality, we are well taken care of which is amazing.  God does NOT show up late.  However, He often does not reveal His plan to me ahead of time.  This is where FAITH goes into action!  Do I trust Him or not?  The answer...I do!  Surely easier days are ahead!  It is our hope.  It may be in my final resting days in heaven but it will come!  (praise the Lord)  

We've got high school stuff, college scholarships, testing, camps approaching, tennis starting, another move this week, marriage conference, birthdays, pictures days, car repairs (where literally our cars are in a race to see which one is in worst shape to go into the shop first) Literally! 3 cars dying to get into the shop!  Notice homeschooling is not quite happening.  Notice I can't stop this insane list!  Notice I'm up late because my head is swarming with plans, who needs to pack what, who sleeps where and what beds (OH yeah! those are in AR)!  We may have a house with a bunch of boxes and totes but no furniture! ha!  Good thing kids find things like this an adventure!  We do however have camp chairs, sleeping bags and cots!  And here we were complaining we haven't camped in a year!  Here's our moment!  Seize the day people!  (praise the Lord) 

Are you finding your praises?  


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