Sunday, January 12, 2014

Prayer! We Are Just Like Our Teens

As our church enters into a study about prayer I can't help compare my walk with the Lord with that of our teens.

We are parents of several teens and we long for our kids to call upon us to help them through this journey of life.  We often say that the younger years are all about teaching our kids how to walk, talk, and act.  Learning how the home works, how you do school, and manners when out in public.  How to make your bed, set the table, and chores to be done.  The teens years are more about walking with our kids emotionally with how do you handle anger, frustration, love, dislike, and being over-whelmed.  All the while we help hold them accountable for the skills we've taught.  Hopefully they have learned those tasks when they were young.  Granite, I know they may not choose to do those things they were taught, but none-the-less you probably taught those things to them.

We are on our 6th teenager in our home and every one of them has gone on this journey when they try to manage the emotions, stresses, and feelings of life on their own.  Do they not know WE ARE HERE TO HELP.  Why do they insist on figuring this out on their own.  Do they not know we long to walk that road with them, lightening that load when we can or at least encouraging them along that journey.  You would think they would have heard conversations with their older siblings to know, WE ARE HERE!  WE DON'T expect you to do this alone.  And yet, they do not ask, the burden gets heavy and the next thing we know...everyone is an emotional mess!

I was reminded today when dealing with prayer how we as a church do not ask!  God gently tapped me on the shoulder and said..."you are like your teens!  You don't invite ME into the process."  He is standing there saying, "I AM HERE!"  "Why do you not just ask?!"

Our teens lives could be transformed when they realize the resource they have right in front of them.

Just like us, the church, our lives, our church could be transformed when we realize the FATHER is standing before us.  Waiting for us to call upon Him.  Inviting Him into the process to do what ONLY He can do!

When we only rely upon ourselves we are limited.
When we call upon the Lord...there are no limits to what He can do!

Are you inviting Him into your life today?
Are you inviting Him into your home today?
Are you inviting Him into your church today?

Begin to pray, and lets see where God leads us in our homes, life, and churches so that we can proclaim..."LOOK at what the Lord has done!"

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  1. Great insight! So true! Please Lord, we NEED YOU every hour!