Friday, January 10, 2014

A Journey To Believing

It has been 11 months and we are still in housing limbo.  The move went from excitement, to any day, to I don't know that it will ever happen.  After Thanksgiving its like when someone says 'house' I can almost cry on cue!  And yes, my kids find this amusing.  I myself find it embarrassing.

Instead of moving, we have been  m-o-v-i-n-g  piece by piece for several months.  I think we have made about 5 different trips so far and we are now completely confused at what is at what house, what is in storage, and its like every box someone has gotten into them and no longer what the box says IS what is IN that box!  What was once excitement has turned into a drain and mass confusion.  It's like the weight you can't drop.  It just hangs on for dear life!

Knowing I have got to get a grip!  I'm a wife and a mom to 8 kids and limbo just isn't working out so good!  I've stopped planning, organizing, moving forward and have been just sitting and waiting.  I keep thinking...I'll do that when we get a house.  NO MORE!  Time for this mom to get her groove back!

Thankful that Beth Moore decided to post some FREE kindle books, I immediately downloaded all 14!
Grabbing my moment to read I was clicking through a couple of books to see what might be the one for me.  In moments of turning to "Believing God" I was reading this....
You believe in Me, Shannon. Now I want you to believe Me
All I know is after I read that tears were flowing down my face!  Clearly THIS is my issue!

It's like I am beginning to wake up after a long year!  Saddened that I believe in Him but have stopped expecting Him to show up big in my life.  I'm almost shocked to say how in the world did I get here.  What is even sadder is realizing that my episode could be being passed down to my kids.  I know God is bigger than my issues.  But somehow I have allowed the enemy to convince me this is my lot.  Thankful I am waking up!  THIS will not remain.  My children will know we serve a BIG God!  Mom will not remain in limbo anymore.

I can't help to think as I wrestle with this how many times do we end up oh christian believing in God but have stopped believing Him.

Do you believe Him?

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