Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back To Blogging

It has been a wild 9 plus months!  Job change (exciting), move to another state (still in progress), school changes (interesting), house changes (thankful God continues to provide a solution), STILL waiting for house to sell (pooh), my nieces wedding (beautiful), my father's funeral (glorious), first time to have kids in public school (still figuring it out), football (fun), holidays (non-traditional year), another driver (yikes), and another senior graduating (seriously?)!  A New Year! (WOW)  Life just keeps things rolling!

Feeling like it is time to get things back to normal in our home even though we are still living in temporary housing I think its time to blog again.  Blogging seems to bring me full circle.  I go from blogging about a frustration and end up realizing how God uses my crazy messes to show me more of Him.  This waiting game on selling a house stinks and I clearly need to come full circle and begin seeing things through God's perspective.  Thankful for the 14 Beth Moore free kindle books I just downloaded, maybe this mom can get perspective with our chaos!

Hope you are ready for the good, the bad, the ugly, and the silly, our family can generate.  Can't have 10 people living under one roof and not have something real to share!  Remember I am a blab and post kinda blogger.  Spelling may be off, grammar will be jumbled, but the post will be sincere!

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