Wednesday, October 2, 2013

By Chance or By Choice

Our family has been living in transition for several months and I won't lie, I would love for boring routine to settle back into our lives.  At the moment it still seems as though everything dictates our schedule, BUT us.

It's not easy as a mom to see the chaos that keeps your kids and husband spinning.  Seeing them be unsure of what will happen, the frustration of starting new jobs, learning new school processes, making new friends and longing for history.  Long days, short nights, and little free time can bring a few tears or anger depending on whether you are a girl or a boy.  (haha)

Barry and I have our own issues of feeling out of control and now we are supposed to help lead a family?

This is what we know...they will catch far more than they will hear us say!

Best thing we can do, live our life showing them how to handle stress, frustration, fear, worry, and life.  We want our kids to know that no matter what life deals them...they can STILL experience JOY.  Will we do it perfectly?  Um...NO!  Nor will they!  This is where grace steps in!

I am thankful for a Savior who allows me room to mess up (grace) and then gently (grace) walks me back to where I need to be verses screaming, yelling, and forcing me into perfection.  Are we controlling our kids or living out grace in front of our kids?

We also know that to raise kids for True Greatness we have to know WHAT we are aiming at.  It won't just happen.  We've got to have a plan (grace) and know where we are going in order to get there (glorifying God).  We are thankful for great resources that can help us remember why we do what we do.

We have far more choices in life than we realize and our kids need to learn that themselves.  Love is a decision, Joy is a decision, Greatness is a decision.  To say it is not a decision then means we live by chance. Chance is what the world believes.
We believe we live with purpose!

Between Government shutdowns, Obamacare issues, wars and rumors of wars, we live in a world that will become increasingly more chaotic.  We want our children to know their joy is not based on America doing everything right or them being perfect.  Their joy is based on the Savior who died upon that cross and they can choose to allow chance and/or circumstances to rule their lives or they can, by choice, choose to live in joy!  There is more to life than good grades, perfect job performances, and free time.

We were created to Glorify Him.
Whether that be in the comfort of our home or on the front lines of life, they have a choice and so do we!

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