Monday, January 13, 2014

Kids, Keys, and Carabiners

Yep...this is our life these days!  5 sets of keys, 4 kids with a license and another one about to get her permit with only 2 cars!  Did I mention throw me in the group too?

When you need to purchase more cars but you have a house to sell make do with what you got!  5 kids driving, 1 mom and 2 cars!  You know the drill...NO large purchases!  Not that we could anyways, but it still feels more frustrating knowing, if we wanted too, and could, we can't!

If you have teens/college kids and ever made several sets of keys...I am quite sure you know this is NOT our first go around with sets of keys!

They are masters at losing the key ring, then slowly but surely all keys will be gone except for moms set!  To top it wasn't THEIR fault!  "No...sweetie it isn't your snuck around the house and hid all your keys so she could go out and make more sets of keys!  I'm just funny that way!"

So today...I buy different color key rings, make 15 different keys, and threaten their life with taking them off the carabiner key ring or taking their siblings keys.

Guess what happens within 10 minutes???

One child I will not mention by name is running out to pick up her sister from work. (I am thankful for extra drivers)  I look up...AND...she already took the wrong set of keys!  REALLY?!?  (She even got to pick her color first!)  No names will be mentioned but I will hint that she's the girl with the big hair!  LOL (and yes...she is funny like that!)   She happened to walk back in the house and I totally made her switch out the keys!  Of course now her sister calls from work and wants to know why she's not guessed it!  MOM's fault!  It's a good thing they crack me up...or I might just pull my hair out!

Keys are just not on their radar!
But keys will be on mom's radar!
Thanks Mallory for my Christmas gift key holder!  Mom's on KEY WATCH!

So, how's the key issues in your home?  

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