Sunday, January 26, 2014

Little Boys and Bedtime Prayers

After a long and tiring day I am reminded why we give our all in raising our families.  Moms and Dads, it is worth your investment even on the most exhausting of days.  Thankful for the Lord providing that extra glimpse into why we do what we do.  

Sundays are not the easiest of days for many.  We long to worship our Savior and yet we have to juggle tired bodies, sinning bodies, and our own issues PLUS gathering the troops.  We have kids church, Sunday school, mission trip meetings, and then 3 hour award banquets.  That doesn't include meals to be fixed, clothes to be ironed, and grocery store runs.  It doesn't include reminding them of how to behave, encouraging the 5 year old to sit still during a 3 hour football banquet, the guided teaching of some teens, or the gentle boost for the struggling college students.

So what a joy it was to sit and hear an 11 year old give praise to his Heavenly Father before bed.
Thanking Him for our meals that we have everyday.
Thanking Him for our family and the fact his older brothers got to play football this year.
Thanking Him for our church with so many wonderful people.
Thanking Him for those who have provided us so much in giving us a home (the past 5 months) with beds and a place to play.  Asking the Lord to bless them for blessing us. (tears from me)
Thanking Him for our home in Arkansas and the blessing it will be to someone one day.
Then asking the Lord to help us to follow Him better.
Asking Him to help us sell our home in Arkansas.  
Thanking Him for His Son. Amen

I love that my children aren't defeated with how long it is taking our home in Arkansas to sell.  I love that they realized how blessed we have been by this church and this city.  I love that they continue to remind their mother that God has a purpose, "we just know it".  I love the fact that their prayers are faithful in praying for the buyers and praying for Gods grace in our waiting.   It has been over a year and their prayers continue to be one of hope with eyes facing forward.  I love the fact that I get to sit and listen to little boys and bedtime prayers!

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