Monday, January 27, 2014

Oh-Me-Oh-My What Do I Teach?!

School is IN session!
Typical day...3rd reminder it is time to start school.
The kindergartner wants to start...but I'm not ready.
The 4th grader has mixed emotions but is excited about his new school book and clip board!
The 6th grader definitely is dragging his feet.  "Oh, you want me to start now?" YES!!!
The high schooler is somewhere doing something!
And Mom, ...well, I might be ready to pull out my hair and it is only 9:00 a.m.

Finally getting them dragged into the kitchen to begin everyone needs moms help with problem #1! SERIOUSLY!!!  "You guys move on to something else I'll get to you when I can."  I THINK that means work, THEY THINK that means to walk away, lay head down on table and tap pencil at an annoying pace, or bathroom break in less that 2 minutes flat!

On to math as the 4th grader struggles and Kindergartner yells the answer from upstairs!  I should have said I'm not ready for everyone else and worked with the 5 year old!!!

Another day, another year, another child to practice grace!  If I think the goal is to finish school or a book then I will miss teaching my kids.  If I remember the goal is to teach them even in the frustrating moments I can teach patience, grace, forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, and love.  The math lessons will come,  grammar will be learned,  and character will be caught!

I'm slowing down to remember what I am really teaching.  How about you?

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