Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hanging On In the Waiting...God's Grace

I am thankful I did not know that 10 months much change our family would go through.

...thankful I know God reveals His plan in His timing, at His pace and all I have to do is keep my eyes on Him. 

I am thankful I did not know 9 months ago...we would go through a month of no income, no insurance with sprains, stitches, crutches, and a separated shoulder.  (Guess we didn't tell the kids..."THIS IS NOT the time to get hurt!")

...thankful I knew God's grace would meet me there.

I am thankful I did not know 6 months ago...we would still be waiting for our home to sell!  That we would be living life in one state while all our stuff would still be in another.

...thankful I know God's grace will renew me when I wish things were different. 

I am thankful I did not know 5 months ago...the car issues we would face, cars breaking down, cars with bigger repairs than they are worth, cars, cars, cars...ugh!

...thankful I know God's grace will get us through the hassle of cars.

I am thankful I did not know 4 months busy life would be as we checked out schools, figure out camps, work on living arrangements, find jobs for kids, work on selling home in another state (still waiting!)

...thankful I know God's grace will pick me up when I feel the pressure of too much at once. 

I am thankful I did not know 3 months ago...that June flies by when you have kids going to high school camp, middle school camp, kids camp, VBS, and college kids serving in all those areas as we do the family dance of shuffle here and there!

...thankful I knew God would refresh our hearts in the busy moments of life. 

I am thankful I did not know 2 months chaotic it would be living on the road for 3 weeks between housing with kids in different locations.

...thankful God would fill us up each day and give rest to the weary.

I am thankful I did not know 4 weeks ago...that we would have both of our dads in and out of hospitals in pretty serious shape in two different states than we were living in! (one having a heart attack and the other on hospice)  One dad is healing and seeing doctors while my dads healing will come in the days ahead when He meets His heavenly Father. Thankful we have had a lifetime of loving each other makes these days that we are so far apart bearable.  Longing and desiring to get one more opportunity to hug him, kiss his cheek, and whisper "thank you for being the man/daddy/husband you were!" You loved well!

...thankful God would fill our hearts with peace as we sorted through news, encouraged and loved our moms, and went to God with prayer for our dads.

I am thankful I did not know that 2 weeks ago... how busy and insane our life with school would be. Husband in college, college daughter, 2 in public high school, 1 daughter in high school being home schooled, a son in Jr High, and 2 in grade school.  Basically our living room has turned into a study hall for 5 people each night!  That is one way to teach by leading...having husband cramming for school with the rest of them!
...thankful God would sustain us when school, work, life is too busy to manage.

I am thankful I did not know that 1 week ago...we would be living penny to penny now as we wait for a home to sell in another state.  That we would be stretched financially, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually with each passing month.  What do you do when just about every area of your life is out of control? wake up tomorrow knowing God's grace will meet you there!
Are our issues solved?  No...doesn't even really look like they will be any time soon.

Do we live in despair?  No...I think that is part of God's grace...allows us to live in joy even though by all accounts we should fall apart! (not that I don't have my moments!  But I have a houseful of people to remind me..."Mom...God has this!" And when days are hard for them, they have a mom that will remind them..."Remember...God has this!")

Do I hope for things to change?  Yes!...I long for the day we can completely call Tennessee our home, have our things clothes, toys, furniture, books, pictures, to be all in one home and not split between two states.

I am thankful I did not know last much we would be stretched and how long we would wait.

I am thankful that as a little girl I came to know what God's grace is all about. That I learned through the years while being reminded by parents, youth ministers, pastors, friends, and mentors...that God's grace will be there the moment you need it.  Even though problems may not end, ...

...'I know of the Lord's great love that we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.'  Lamentations 3:22-24

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  1. Sonja and Marvin StarkeySeptember 10, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    Praying for you ,your dad , and your mom. You have a beautiful family and thankful to Him for letting us know and spend time with
    the Greens.