Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Time Is Near...How To Say Good-bye

It has been a whirlwind of emotions the last several days as dad is nearing the end of his life on this side of heaven.  There have been many phone calls, prayers, and staying in touch as he has fought the good fight in more ways than one.

Yesterday morning we assumed I would not head to Texas until Monday believing he was in his last month. Within 2 hours that all changed completely and I am now about to head that way today.  Everyone from hospice, mom and my sister are helping me grab my last moments with dad as we live 15 hours away. Loading up 4 of the kids to start our journey to the arms of my dad!

He is in his last 2 weeks as I....
...long to get to feel his hug (it will be more of me laying beside him than him lifting his arms)
...desire to feel his presence (it will be more of us remembering stories, sharing our love, and just sitting with adoration)
...hear his calm voice even though it is weak (do words really need to be spoken when life has been lived out so well)
...imagine that fabulous grin he always flashed (that is what I will remember is that strong smile not the weak body that he has fought to live in for so many of these past few years)...I can close my eyes now and see that amazing smile!  Can you?  If you knew him, I know you can.

Every child should have a dad like my dad.  A man who loved The Lord with his whole heart.  A man who cherished his wife beyond imagination.  A man who adored his daughters that there was never a need to question if we were loved.  A man who lived a life that other men desired to have.  A man who impacted many who crossed his path without even having to say a word.  A man who honored others no matter who or where they cam from.  A man who prayed for his family and friends often.  A man who lived with integrity.  A man who influenced his daughters to pick men like him.  A man who has 16 grandchildren who are walking with the Lord, and are crazy about their G'daddy!  A man who...has left big shoes that will never be forgotten.  A man who...has the biggest smile that all our friends can recall.  A man who...will see His Savior soon!

Oh, WHAT a DAY that will be!


  1. What a tremendous honor to your Dad, friend. May our Heavenly Father hold you and yours close as you say goodbye for now.

    Love and hugs across the miles.

  2. My heart is breaking for you...but rejoicing for your dad and the healing he is about to experience.

    Covering you all in prayer.