Monday, August 5, 2013

Ready Or Not...START!

WOW!  Here we go!  School starts tomorrow! 

Poor Brady can't decide if we are in Tennessee, Arkansas, or Texas.  Each day he wakes up trying to figure out if we are going somewhere.  He may welcome this coming school year as we all get in routine and he will know where we are going! 

Until then, we are all...that means 10 people...learning the new norm!  Mom and dad can't preach flexibility and grace enough at this stage!  Half of us can't decide if we are coming or going.  It practically took us an hour tonight to figure out tomorrows plan with who is where, at what time, and juggling how to get everyone at the same place for a picture!  Just 20 minutes in any one direction and we lose somebody out of the picture because of a job, school, meeting, etc. 

I do have to say we are so thankful we all have a common place to end up...HOME.  Temporary, but PERFECT for now! 

We got college girls working and figuring out their place, high school guys going to public school playing football, 4 home schooling, dad in crazy work mode, and mom...hanging on for dear life!  Thankful I only have to figure out school for 4!  I can guarantee you that was not my thought when I first started homeschooling.  We are now at the stage of losing kids vs adding kids!  It's kind of exciting!  haha

I'm sure you all are going as crazy as I am meeting deadlines, signing up for this, purchasing books for that, bags for this, and lets not forget the clothing!  Until routine sets in I guess we will all be waving in passing, on the RUN! 

See you at the finish line...lets do this well friends!  Let's show these kids how to handle chaos with grace.  Living each moment for HIM even if we aren't ready!   I'm reminded how I may not feel ready but in God's time frame...every moment is a moment to be ready to reflect Christ to someone.  Whether it be our children, husband, teacher, coach, friend, or store clerk. 

So...ready or not, START! 

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