Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Head, My Heart, More Time

"You do know it is the beginning of August?"  Said so sweetly by my husband after listening to me talk about how to get things done.


"What do you think the date is?"

Yes, this is an actual conversation with my husband to me!  There are no words to share my excitement knowing I have gained 3 weeks!   All the more sweet when you think you are 3 weeks behind to discover you have time on your side!!!

The kids and I just got back into town less than 48 hours ago.  Once in town we were finalizing enrolling boys in high school and I was ferociously trying to figure out the process of home schooling the other 4 kids.  Reading over things I discovered I needed to have something turned in by August 20th.  Seeing that I had missed the deadline (so I thought) I was trying to figure out what to do.

So NOW you can imagine my excitement when my husband gently said, 
"You do know it is the beginning of August?"  

Clearly I did NOT realize the date!  I was positive it was the end of August!  *squeals of joy*  I am quite sure there are some Tennessee friends questioning my sanity and probably enjoying my silly chaos I created!  LOL 

Feeling a little silly and embarrassed it actually sums up our summer.  Run here, run there, do this, do that, unload, pack up, travel,
unload, pack up, travel,
unload, pack up, travel,
from wedding joys to helping mom set up hospice for dad, I am thankful for God's grace through the entire process.

Now that I know I can take a breath or two...we are setting up home that God has graciously provided through His people as we still wait for our home in Arkansas to sell.  He has surrounded us by church family in Texas helping with dad, church family in Arkansas helping us with our home as we live in another state, church family in Tennessee helping us with living here from housing to friendships.  There truly are no words when you find you are surrounded by God's grace.

God has chosen to use His people to touch this family in so many ways!  You would think I would learn not to panic when it comes to the details as God has always worked them out.  I show my true human side as although I know in my head I should not worry, my head keeps insisting on calculating every move.  It's time to let the heart lead on this one!  What my head can't comprehend, my heart fully understands!

So, where's your struggle?  Your heart or your head?

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