Thursday, July 11, 2013

All I Want Is A Picture, GUYS

Oh What a WEEK, Month, Year we have had!  And NO SIGNS of it letting up!  Crazy busy this week for our family!  Job hunting, finishing college enrollment, getting drivers license, social security card that was lost, blood drawn to prove chicken pox has already attacked this child, over due library books (I KNEW we shouldn't have checked out any books while living in temporary housing!) Getting rid of one car because it has seen the last of its good days and purchasing another.  We can't seem to get it fast enough because before we can make a car decision the other one decides to die!  I mean still for sell, and two cars down!  Ready to see some more things work for us! 

At least if your gonna have a car die, SONIC is the place to be!!

Thankful for a son willing to tackle the issue of jumping a car!!!
Knowing he will have a fit if I take his picture I figure what does it hurt to catch his back!  
(I still say I birthed him I should get any picture I ever WANT!)
While we wait around for dad to come because for some reason it won't charge, I decide to take picture of my first born daughter and first born son!  THIS is what happened next!
He grabs her for the shot and she quickly DUCKS her head!  
"That's my bad smile!"  
"I need to be on the other side!"  
Well, that just made her brother all the more determined to hold her in place to get the shot anyways.  
She must have forgotten who she was talking too!   
This is Strong Willed girl vs Stubborn boy
Next, up she proceeds to explain why one side of her head is better than another.  And saying "IF I had a nose ring it would be on the side of my part!"  yadda yadda yadda!
"THAT is my good side!" 
While he announces, "ALL this hair on this side of your face is your good side!"
She then explains that he would have no idea since boys look the same on both sides!
"You just don't know these things!"
NOW, here he goes....
 I think his friend said it best,  "I'm listening to you, but your wrong, and I'm about to explain why" haha  
Yes...that is exactly what he said!
This is her look of
 'I'm not buying it one bit!' 
'You are totally wrong! Go ahead and explain your point...but I'm NOT budging!'
You kinda wonder what the Sonic employees thought watching these two...Discuss!
ALL because I said, "Let me take your picture!"  
At the last second she almost gave in at the same time her brother did sway about the same time!
THAT was all she needed to stand her ground!  
She got her side!  
He got his argument! 
I got my picture!
This is ALL I wanted guys!  How hard was that to just look up and smile! 
He may be stubborn and she may have strong willed tendancies...but boy I love'em!

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