Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Look At Me

There is nothing easy about walking in Christ.  It is can keep a constant eye on Him.  Simple, YES!
Easy, NO!

It's too easy to look at circumstances and wonder was this right?  Did we jump ahead of God?  Shouldn't it be easier?  When will the pieces fall into place?

Goodness we have had a year of craziness!  Unsure of direction of job or where we will live.  Now we have the job and the state, even the city, but the exact home is still in question.  (still waiting on a home in another state to sell why we find temporary housing for 10)  I had this tidy little plan in my head how things would work and God seems to want to stretch me further than I thought I could go.  About the time I want to give up and say, UNCLE!  I'm faced with...God is still God and I still believe HE directs our paths.  So back to the walk with Him!  It's simple...keep eyes up!  Oh how easily we get distracted!

Makes me think of what I do with my children.  They seem to believe they don't need to obey if they aren't looking at me.  Often you will hear me say, "Look,.. at me" (said very quietly and grabs their attention), then I give them direction or correction.  Sometimes I even have to point at their eyes and turn my finger to my face so they can follow my finger back to my eyes so they can hear my words.  I'm thinking that is God with me!  "Look at me my child."  And when I don't look and I get to the end of my rope and I am dealt with 2 options.  Either God is God or I choose to walk away.  It always comes back to...God IS God.  Following His hand back to Him.

I don't think we can ever see why God allows certain things in our lives until they have passed and then we I see how that piece fits in the puzzle of our lives!  So...our family continues to wait, be stretched, eyes back on Him as we see how the housing puzzle fits in our lives. 

I hear Him gently saying to me, "Look at me..." Do YOU?

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