Friday, July 5, 2013

5 Pennies, 5 Diamonds, and 5 Dollars

Brady found a solution to our housing issues.

We celebrated the 4th of July with new family friends!  I love how you can move from one state to another and almost on instant have a connection.  This family of 6 invited our family of 10 as we introduced all of both clans to one another at one time. Their oldest match our oldest so the younger ones weren't so sure how the evening would go.

I would say it went very well...

Brady had so much fun at our friends home that he announced at bedtime..."We should buy their home!"  When I asked what he thought a good offer would be, he said very confidently  
1 Dollar! 
     No...1 Penny!   
          No...5 Pennies, 5 Diamonds, 5 Dollars! 

His daddy said, "Son...they might just take it for the 5 diamonds!"  LOL 

In the eyes of a 5 year old this is a great offer for a house that allowed him to frog hunt, throw water balloons in the rain, play indoor basketball, and run through the yard with sparklers, or as Brock says..."FIRE" in your hands!   

Based on Brady's offer, I would say the 4th of July was a hit even if the fire work show was cancelled due to rain.

Prayers continue as we make housing decisions.  We have all kids looking for solutions, even the 5 year old:)

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