Saturday, July 6, 2013

He Is Still Okay, RIGHT?

Funny what you can learn if you really listen to a child.  I wonder how much I missed with my older kids when they were little because I didn't fully listen to what they were asking/saying.  Although, I completely understand when dealing with 5 kids under 8, how you might miss a thing or two!  I WAS THERE once upon a time! 

You are tired beyond belief, or you are so busy into survival mode there is NO time to process what 3 kids said and surely not 5 of them! 

I have learned when these little guys (our youngest 3) talk...LISTEN!  There will be a moment in there to seize upon TRUTH that could impact their lives for eternity.  Their minds are forming and they are learning about WHO God is by what they see, hear, and what God does in their lives. 

Today as we traveled home from having stitches removed from Brady's chin, (5 days ago, walking by pool with towel wrapped around him, tripped on towel, and crashed chin into concrete...or as Abbey used to say 'Konk' Crete) we were chatting about our house hunting!  He proudly announced that he IS praying. And God WILL give us a BIG, BIG house. (I was waiting for a big backyard to play....Football!  Are you singing that song now?)  Although Brady did say it will have 1 more room than our home in Arkansas has.

We were talking about praying and I told him not to stop praying for our future home.  (We have a home to sell in Arkansas before we can find a home in Tennessee)  Brady is faithful to pray for future owners of our home and for our future home. 

He announced, "I keep talking to God but He hasn't answered." 
"He IS okay, RIGHT?"  (said with an anxious tone)
Yes, buddy. 
God is okay. 
God just answers in His time and we will be beyond blessed when He does. 
"I knew that, I just wanted to make sure." (said with full confidence)

You know...we have learned our little kids faith will mimic mom and dads faith in those early years.  I want them to have BIG faith.  This is no time to waiver in what I have known the past 40 years of my life.  My own heart struggles with the lack of understanding why God has us in wait mode.  But when I hear it from my son's perspective...I know with FULL confidence that God has full control over this situation.  Just as I could share with full confidence with Brady that God has this thing.  I can hear Jesus telling me with FULL confidence too, "My Father has this...just wait." 

So, take a moment to listen a little more intently to your kids.  God may have a message in there for you too as you lead them forward and up!

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