Monday, May 6, 2013

Praying Wrong

Do you ever wonder if we are praying what really matters?  I do!
Feeling rather convicted as I pray for our house to sell I began to wonder if I am praying wrong.  I know God wants to grant us our desires and yet...what if I am asking for the wrong thing. 

Selling our home is a HUGE desire for me.  But serving my Lord is even more so.  What if He is asking us to walk this road of unknown housing while we serve Him.  It's like I think I can serve you better if we have a home.  Or I can serve you better if my health was better.  Or I could serve you better if I had kids.  OR I could serve you better if I lived there.  Or I could serve you better if I had wealth.  Really?  Cuz I am pretty sure I can serve Him anywhere/anytime! 

Now don't get me heart WANTS a home!  I'm just not sure it is a MUST NEED!  So far we have watched God provide housing.  (We have moved to TN in temporary housing as we await our home to sell in AR) I assume He will provide those next steps when we hit that deadline.  The truth is I don't like having to surrender my idea of what our life here should look like. 

Some days it isn't easy as 8 people (soon to be 9) live in a small home.  Depending on your perspective we may live in a mansion.  We are having to learn lots of grace as we homeschool and the little guys are loud!  Or as the little guys are playing and we are homeschooling and telling them to 'BE QUIET'!  No matter how you look at it we are faced with exercising grace from mom and dad, to teens, to little guys!  It is training opportunity galore these days! 

I HOPE a home is in our near future.  I HOPE our home in Little Rock will sell.  I PRAY that no matter where we are OR what our circumstance that God will use us to live out our faith whether we are in a mission house, renting or owning a home.  Our thanksgiving is we aren't living on the streets.  Our prayer, "use us Lord!" 

What prayer are you needing to surrender because we are asking for the small things and not eternal.  I'm working on giving up 'my vision' of how I thought the move should work and learning to accept that which is our reality.  Without a doubt...this is where God lead us!  We are enjoying walking in line with His calling whether we are in a home or not!  I'm giving up my vision and seeking what God brings around the corner.  How about you?

I love this quote from Dr. Tim Kimmel "Character glows in the dark.  It's not hard to notice it."  To me that dark could be this moment when things aren't going my way, or your struggling with where God has placed you. 

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