Thursday, May 2, 2013

In God's Hands...Not Mine

I am so thankful that the way my kids turn out is not just up to me! 

Somehow though, I still feel the pressure of being on my A game and the attempt to be the perfect parent!  But in right perspective I don't have to live in regret of all the ways I let them down or left them hanging in skills, knowledge, and character!

I still have a huge role in raising these kids BUT I also know that God can work in spite of my failures and gaps in their training.

Often, I can't take credit for the good and right things I see them do.  Why?  Because I know my failures and I see them flourish in spite of me!  Makes my heart THANKFUL!  Eases the pain of knowing I can't be the perfect parent.  I want to give it all to my kids and yet I have to be okay with my failures.

When I see them do things like Brady did yesterday when he saw a need and met heart leaps for JOY!  One, because I know I can teach outward behavior but it was the HEART of what he did that made me leap for JOY!  That isn't something I can teach/force him to do as much as point Him too!  It's a heart seeking to be Christ and serve others.  It is proof that training to the heart, the ACTIONS will follow!  In the moment, my child saw more at 4 than his momma did at 47. (Read previous post "Groomed For Tomorrow")

Moms, you play a vital role in training and raising these kids!
You need to know that it isn't ALL up to you! 
You need to know you will fail them at times but it doesn't mean all is lost. 
You need to know that you can't be super mom and nor does God ask you to be.

Enjoy today as you walk and see areas where your kids excel in spite of YOU!  

Oh....and don't freak out at the other 20 other things you see that still need training:)
(Said as I listen to a fight here, a scream there, school undone, laundry thrown, Nerf guns shot when I have told them a gazillion times not to do so in the house, one son telling another he is stupid, spilled cheerios still on the table, name is in full swing!)  Hmmm...time to parent in grace!

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