Sunday, March 17, 2013

Which Way Is Forward

I'm technically not sure which way I am going these days.  Arkansas, Tennessee, moving, selling, waiting, anticipating, Basketball Nationals, mission trips, saying Good-bye to friends and Hello to new ones!  (AND please nobody ask me about school!)

All this activity makes me think I shouldn't have been worried about packing a home of 10 and moving to another state.  An all at once in ONE direction is sounding rather simple these days!  Life would be easier than this juggling you 5 go here, you 3 go there, and you 2 stay put.  Some leaving tomorrow, some leaving the end of the week, others coming next week, and a few stay put .

One minute I am fine with the chaos and the next minute I think I might fall apart!  Taking a few deep breaths and remembering that God is orchestrating all of this helps me to calm my racing heart!  (Secretly I still wish He would just tell me what the next steps are and I would be fine!)  I guess that means I wouldn't be walking in faith...would I? 

I have seen enough to know that God provides and directs our paths.  I have also been a mom of 8 for awhile and its all about managing the masses for our sanity!  Instead, I guess we will walk by faith as an example to our children!  Not sure what is happening when but knowing God will work out all those details one step at a time! 

So if you see me headed the wrong direction...maybe you could point me the RIGHT way! 

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