Monday, March 18, 2013

Call Them Up

How quickly I forget how younger ones loved to be called UP

As our time in Little Rock is winding down we are all grabbing our moments with friends!  Not only with friends but with my parents too.  We are at that stage of life where dad needs more care and it can be hard for him to get out.  Having older sons has been wonderful as they have been willing to stay with him while we take advantage of time with mom or give her a break from caring for him 24/7.  Realizing that now the older boys are gone this week, the older girls are busy, we were thinking we wouldn't get our time together.  As I prayed for God to show a solution I was prompted with remembering that I bet Bryce could be the one in charge with G'daddy. 

Not wanting to put him in a bind if he wasn't confident for the job I called him to my room to ask,
 "Bryce, would you be okay watching G'daddy for a couple of hours for G'ma and I to go out?"

I did not expect realize what would come next.  I wish I had a picture to have caught the moment.  Although I'm not sure a camera could have captured what I saw!

I barely finished the question and this 11 year old stood up straight, shoulders back, eyes wide open, arms to his side, and said,
"I can do it mom!  Yes, I can take care of G'daddy!"  
This boy was ready to report for duty!  He loved being called up to help verses being one of the little guys! 

I guess all parents go through those stages of treating them young, keeping them little and dependant vs calling them up.  Next thing I know he has cleaned the kitchen, picked up the living room, was taking care of his younger brothers and asking me if he should fix the kids lunch!  "Why YES!  That would be great!"  It's like in 5 seconds he went from boy to young man! 

G'daddy was in good hands, G'ma, Hannah, and I got a wonderful dinner together!  Thankful for kids that allow us to call them up.  Thankful for kids that step up.  Thankful that God doesn't let me forget...THEY are ready!  

So who is your next one to CALL UP?

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