Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Turn This Way and That Way

I have officially turned on just about every street in Cleveland!  I have done it so well that now all roads look familiar and the children say, "You did it again...didn't YOU!"  I now laugh and they know that confirms their suspicion!

Today I was driving and with great confidence and turned right.  Positive I was headed home only to discover I had found YET another road!  Trying to correct my mistake I get back on track...ONLY to turn again on a totally new road!  Abbey announced I officially scare her!  (I think that meant she was worried about my sanity not her safety!) 

The roads here crack me up!  They change direction and names about every 1-2 miles!  Right here, left there, its like someone said..."hey, lets put a road HERE!"  What happened to straight streets like in Oklahoma!  (I guess that is what you get going from the flat planes where I grew up, to now...the hills of Tennessee.)

That got me thinking about life.

How many times do we try to get going the right direction and just can't seem to get it right?  I think we even do it so many times it starts to look right only to discover we are still headed the wrong direction!

I am learning that I gotta have that iPhone map up at all times.  When I decide I can do it on my own the next thing I know I am headed off course ONCE again. 

Makes you think what the Bible does for us.  When I try to navigate life with what I think I remember without actually looking...oh how my mind confuses TRUTH! 

Walking the road of LIFE, what keeps YOU on COURSE?

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