Thursday, December 6, 2012

Little Ears Hear Everything

It amazes us the things that Brady (4 year old) hears!  Chatting and thinking we are having our own adult conversation only to hear that little voice repeat what we just said!  Sometimes very funny and sometimes its like..."stay out of our convo!"  LOL 

It is a reminder that children are sponges absorbing everything in sight or in ear shot!

From infant to teens the things we say have huge impact on our children and or others.  What do they hear us say?  Are we loving with our words?  Are we encouraging with our words?  Are the things we say uplifting or do they hear us grumble and complain?  Do they hear us looking for what good God may bring or hearing us mumble about how we have been wronged? 

If what we hear from our children causes us concern...then we must look at ourselves first.  I learned years ago to start 'WITH ME'.  God will take care of others.  But as a parent to just work on our children but not change what we are doing will be a battle that will remain.  It's like you cancel yourself out if you teach one thing but live out another.

So today...what might your kids repeat from you?

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  1. Excellent blog post. TRUTH! Thanks for modeling and reflecting the love of Christ! Your little disciples are learning well!