Friday, December 7, 2012

Where Are The Walton's

Yesterday I had the privilege to hang out with my dad.  It was a wonderful time to sit, visit and watch a show or two between our conversations.  Dad isn't a fast talker anymore...well, he never really was a fast talker...haha!  Dad was a quiet man with gentle wisdom he would share at just the right moment.  What I remember most was his famous-bigger-than-life smile with a word here or there that made big impact.  

Last night I could ask a question he responds but then about 10 minutes later he shares more.  This happened every time I asked him something.  It takes him a bit to get those thoughts straightened out with what he wants to say but when he does it was precious time.

We enjoyed watching The Walton's together last night while mom was out at a ladies event.  I have forgotten about good shows that represent dads as men of wisdom.  Shows that show children being kids but then learning from their parents that which they didn't understand at the beginning of the show but the moral of the story plays out and a lesson is learned.  Shows today represent dad as an out of touch idiot.  Kids really don't seem to learn any moral at the end of the show.  Its seems its all about a good laugh from sarcasm and leaving parents just part of the play vs key roles in their children's lives.

I loved how John Walton was a dad who taught his children and his children respected him.  They respected him even when they didn't understand.  Oh, kids were kids...they would push back but the dad had a lesson to teach and by the end of the show they understood what that lesson was to be.  Dad would call them up to be a man or a woman.  Are we calling our children up?

Have we followed the trap believing we just have a role to finish playing out or do we believe there is a moral to be taught AND we are the ones to teach it?!

What are we teaching today?
Have we called our sons or daughters up? (encouraging them when they have responded as a man or a woman)
Or are we quick to point out their childish behavior forgetting the right behavior we hope for?
Kids want to measure what are we measuring them too?

We have learned our kids will be what we expect them to be.
Expect  a child and you will get childish things.
Expect them to become an adult and you will be surprised at the glimpses you will see.  The more you see, the quicker you praise...the more you will get the desire you hope...for them to be men and women. 
Childish moments will come and you love them through it.
But we seem to want to hold on to the child vs letting go of the young adults.  There are lessons to learn and we play a HUGE role in leading our children to wisdom.

What can you point out in your child today that shows them you see them as older than they are?
Give them a compliment and watch the big grin, puffed up chest, and desire to exceed that again!

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