Friday, November 30, 2012

It's CRAZY...I Fail...and I Learn!

This time of year seems to get crazier and crazier!  I miss the days when all the kids were young and I could take off school from Thanksgiving to New Years!  Oh how I wish I could do that now! 

 Crazy kids had to go and grow up!  Being teens means they gotta carry bigger loads!  No time to take off!  
(Well actually, shhh...don't tell, we have still taken more breaks than we probably should it just had to be done!  But it will also have to be made up...and it will eventually!  For now...we will take full advantage of homeschooling and create a little margin for the Holidays!)

When did the holidays get so stinkin' crazy?  Crazy, crazy busy!  Is it just me?  Is it because of the ages of my kids?  I try to tackle this issue each year and it seems I am beginning to lose the battle in creating any kind of relaxation during the holidays.  Sad thing seems to be the crazier it gets the sooner I lose control:/  It seems like each year there is always one moment when I lose it. And guess what....TODAY....was THAT day.  The good that comes from my lack of emotional control over chaos is that God always grabs my attention at the end of my fit and frustration! 

It always seems I have to have a breaking point before my will to snap out of the insanity comes!  Hoping today was my moment and we won't see that ugly side anytime soon!  

The tree is trimmed.  The family drawing of names has been accomplished.  Now to purchase a few gifts, play a few games, watch Christmas movies all month, juggle the parties, basketball games, and church events, waiting on house to sell and job to be settled...I shall have plenty of time to practice letting God manage my expectations vs me flipping my lid at what didn't get done or what isn't answered!  

Thankful for family that calls me up when I want to lay down!  Thankful for memories like this to remember I may go nuts but these little guys love this time of year!  What I see as chaos they say as PURE JOY!  Oh to see as a CHILD!   

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