Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Will NOT Open That

Well, problem of cleaning up the kitchen is solved!  I walked in tonight to finish cleaning what needed to be done when I open the cabinet door to put up the cans of green beans when I see something black on the shelf.  About that time I am processing what is that.... IT jumped, I got a good look at it, screamed my head off, then slammed the can of green beans on top of a gigantic roach!

My heart has stopped, my feet won't stop doing a jig, and now the little boys are up!

I tried to be a good wife while my husband has had a crazy week and now enjoying some more male bonding at a friends house watching the OU Game (BOOMER SOONERS) by cleaning up our house, burning a wonderful candle, and listening to music!  But there is a limit to what I can do!  And the ROACH drew the line!

I had to text my husband and inform him of what just transpired!  AND that I will not be wiping down the cabinets with roach parts nor will I open any more cabinets.  I can't even get the nerve to walk in the kitchen.  I am shell shocked from that jump in my face moment!

I did suggest he may want to get rid of the evidence of my trauma before morning or I might not ever fix a meal in that kitchen again!

I am not a demanding wife.  I don't give ultimatums.  But I am pretty sure he gets the idea that this wife just hit her limit!  I did sign the text...Love, your wife who just about had heart failure! (thinking that will prove my point!)...because so far all I have heard back from him is a "Lol!"

Since my heart was still pounding, I got the boys wired up again, I decided to blog my experience!  It will remain to be seen if I can open the cabinet door tomorrow!  I'll keep you posted!

Sincerely, A freaked out woman!

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