Saturday, October 27, 2012

Who Are You?

It's official in my kids eyes, mom has lost it!  I think they may see me as the older parent who needs help, not just a busy mom of eight kids!

Enjoying a relaxing day of being a mom at my pace verses the extreme pace that 'life' has me run, I had a moment to do a quick clean up of the house.

Dad is out enjoying coffee and male bonding, one college daughter is camping (so jealous), the other college daughter and teen son doing a surprise visit for a friend away at college (fun age...road trip), another son is off to his first ever basketball tournament (competition, friends, a weekend away with a team...priceless), one teen daughter home making a dessert for visit with friends, 3 little boys and mom are home doing our thing.

Since we do have a house on the market to which could be shown at any moment we must stay on top of our dirt, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff!

Pointing and giving directions to what is expected of these 3 little guys I got all tongue tide!
Brock, wipe down the table
Bryce, vacuum the floor
Brady, pick up the toys
Brock, put the cards away
Brady, pick up your shoes
Bryce, put up the blankets
Brady, put away your bowl
Brock, pick up your sweatshirt
Br, br, brock, brady, br....ugh! Who are you?
To which Brady raises his hand, points to his brother and says "Brady knows, that is Bryce!"
hahahahahaha  (he always announces who he is then says what needs to be said.  Is that because he has heard me say too many times, who are you?)
He is proud he knows the answer.  The other 2 boys look at me with mixed feelings of laughter and has mom completely lost it since the 4 year old had to tell me who 'that' son is! 

I am off to finish today's task of staying up with the masses in our home, picking up what they left out and promised they would pick up, and trying to remember who is who around here!

Tell me I am not the only one who can't call out the right child...more than once a day!

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