Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Am I Teaching Grumbling Or Gratitude

I love my pastor's blog about Grumbling? or Gratitude?

Take a second to read it..its good...click on the link above!
Did you do it?

So timely is his post!  Yesterday was a holiday, also the day before school, and because we have our house on the market a day we needed to get some cleaning done!  Guess how happy 8 children were?  Guess how happy 2 parents of 8 sad children were?  I should be fair...not all kids were unhappy.  Although most had a moment that disappointment hit.  Some concealed it better than others.  And some...well....we are working on that:)   

Yes, we have a house full of grumblers.  And yes, I will include myself in that statement.  My first thought was I don't grumble but these kids...they complain about this, they complain about that, they complain when there is nothing to complain about.  (Well, then I realized I was grumbling about the grumbling kids!)  Oh how God always teaches me!  

As a parent we need to stay diligent to teach Gratitude/Thankfulness!  Our kids need hearts of gratitude.  And guess what?  As I teach it...I will also gain a heart that is more thankful. 

It isn't easy doing life in the middle of chaos.

As parents, my husband and I think this is HUGELY important!
  • Cleaning your room is not just about a perfect room.  
  • Doing your school is not just about getting problems right.  
  • Washing the dishes is not just about a spotless plate.  
Part of our job as a parent is to teach our children to work without grumbling.  This is a task that goes on and on and on.  Teens like to draw you in and complain how you want perfection or you don't get how hard their life is at the moment.  They don't grasp the fact we have been there...done that....WE understand!

As parents, this will be a lesson we will continue to train! It is the difference in unhappy adults or happy adults.

Why do I say that?
  • Unhappy adults grumble, complain and blame.  
  • Happy adults are thankful, grateful, and content.  
I love these children dearly and I desire to see them as Happy adults.  Doesn't mean life will be perfect for them.  Doesn't mean there won't be pain.  Doesn't mean they won't cry.  It does mean no matter what they will find the blessings instead of the curses.  Means they will live a life of hope, joy, and peace even in the midst of a job loss, physical decline, heart break, a sick child, etc.  You get the picture.  We don't know what our children will face in their future.  But we can train them to see the good that is there if they will just look for it! 

What are you thankful for?
Do our children hear us be thankful or do they hear us complain?
Humbling I know!

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  1. GREAT POST!! Reminded me of the "grumble box".
    We are thankful for:
    2 amazing daughters, YOU and SHELLEY!
    2 Son-in-laws who choose attitudes of gratitude and thankfulness to Our Heavenly Father for His Grace & Mercy! 16 precious grandchildren!
    Our church and our friends!
    Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!