Friday, September 7, 2012

Throw The Kids In The Car

Crazy, typical, normal, day running college girls to classes, rushing son to work, with a quick dash back home to get some school accomplished for the other 4.  I've got the 4 year old in tow so other kids can do their schoolwork.  (It's always his fault they didn't get something done!)  Only to walk in the door and the 3rd and 5th grader announced they took a break while I was on car duty!  (AND yes, I am quite sure the 8th and 9th grader took the same break!)  They aren't fooling me!

About an hour into school we get a text....

I pause for a quick second to count the cost of stopping school after ONLY going for 1 hour and decided the spontaneous moment was worth it.

I announce to the kids..."QUICK! Put down your school we are going to Arby's!"  Books were flying, kids were running, and everyone was shouting instructions!  Some were going up stairs, some flying down stairs, another one was spinning not sure which way to go!  There were shoes to find, shorts to put on, and the thrill of an event was in the air!  In the chaos of it all we almost lost the 4 year old.  As I run up the steps I find him sitting on the couch with his little legs tucked under his arms, shaking his head as it rests on his knees.

"I kain't tine mi sooes and i awready took the girls to college!  i wanna tay home."

Poor child!  Had no idea what was happening!  He just knew the house went nuts and he was gonna have to get back in the car with 100 degree weather!  (FALL...where are you?)

9th grader throws 4 year old on his shoulders, 8th grader grabs his shoes and OUT the door we go!  Text came in at 12:42...driving down the road by 12:49!  In Arby's by 12:54 ordered at 12:56!

The chaos, memory, and great lunch were well worth the 14 minutes of madness to feed 6 people for $7.43!  And as you can see by the smile on his face...once that little guy got those curly fries between his fingers....ALL was well!

A quick shout out to friends!  First a post on Facebook got them into action.  Then one realizing I might enjoy taking advantage of a cheap lunch.  And the other friend realizing I needed an urgent text to get me moving! (Thank goodness I can follow orders pretty well!)

So ladies, are you the buddy who gets things into action?  Then send out that text and get your friends a jumping!

Code word: Throw the kids in the car!

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