Friday, August 31, 2012

What Does 22 Years of Marriage Get You

1 wedding
2 families that became1 on August 31, 1990
8 moves
7 jobs
9 children
1 miscarriage
150 birthdays celebrated
44,000 diaper changes
116 tooth fairy visits

Over 24,000 meals prepared
4 emergency room visits
1 gall bladder removal
15 hospital stays (10 were mine...LOL)
 A friend who sleeps over more than 8,000 days in a row.
(Not one time did anyone sleep on the couch!)
countless loads of laundry.
Countless hours of praying.
Well over 400 pairs of shoes purchased.
(No I will not guess how many socks have lost their mates!)

A couple who has learned to forgive more than trying to be understood.
A couple who has learned about marriage oneness when a world wants to tear us apart.
A couple who knows you can't take what you have for granted, it takes work to have a marriage that lasts.
Life isn't simple.
Problems will come and are often bigger than you can fathom.
Marriage is more about what God wants to do in your life than about what you will get from your spouse.
Marrying well...WILL BLESS the socks off you!
The wisdom to know that waiting for Mr or Mrs 'right'...IS worth the wait! 

We didn't know the day we got married where all God would take us.  Life has been an adventure....sometimes fun, sometimes hard, but definitely worth the time and effort to love each other!  Who knew that 22 years ago we would have a family of 10?  We haven't had many days alone as a couple...but these precious people...well, they are worth all we given up to share life with them now!

In the words of my husband,  Celebrating 22 Years with my greatest earthly blessing! A testimony for sure that a great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' marries... rather it's when an imperfect couple allows the Lord to redeem those imperfections and create oneness from their differences -- I'm so glad that that in our imperfections HE continues to make us ONE!

Bring on the next 22 + years!

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