Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Sometimes Have A Brain Glitch

Home Schooling 5 kids all different ages is exhausting to ones brain!  Tack on grocery lists, bills, registering for tests, helping with college scholarships, organizing calendars, processing a move, and the constant awareness to Keep-It-Simple!  Well...ever-so-often in my day I just have to go...aaggghhh!  (I won't even bring up the laundry or the thought of deciding on a meal that I never seem to remember until dinner time!)

I know!  I know!  I need a list and a chart to follow.  But to create such lists and charts means more brain work from me!  What happens if I am tapped out?

They don't seem to stop coming with questions!
  • whats for breakfast
  • when do we start school
  • what load of laundry do I start
  • where are you going
  • when will you be back
  • what is for lunch
  • who cleans the kitchen
  • what time do we leave for....
  • why do I have to solve for x
  • what if I don't remember subtraction
  • when will dad be home
  • where are the girls
  • what is for dinner
  • can I go....
  • why can't I go
  • can we talk about a sleep over
  • why can't I have friends over
  • can we take the car
  • why can't I take the car
  • when will we move
  • where will we move
  • what will we do if the house sells
  • can we buy me some jeans
  • can we buy some shoes
  • when can we buy me clothes
  • can I play xbox
  • when can I play xbox
  • why is there no milk in the refrigerator
  • who took my pencil
  • when will dad be home
  • what will you get me for Christmas? REALLY?  NOT time to think of this YET!
...throw in about 40 more questions and then multiply this list by 8 kids and NOW...maybe I will have at least your sympathy (Praise the Lord) even if my kids won't give me any!  They just chalk it up, can't keep up!

My kids have no idea the brain power to jump from subtraction, to fractions, to x and y, to dividing, to decimals, to addition, to who are you and what are you doing?!  They get sorta aggrevaited at my brain glitch from time to time.  And don't appreciate me asking who they are! 

I'd love to see them juggle this...which they can't!  They can't even remember what math operation to do next so they definitely aren't going to be able to manage the scroll list that runs through my head!

So how is your brain handling your crew?
It's a moms life...but we love it!  Don't we?!

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  1. Amen and amen. I am forever saying "JUST A MINUTE" because I CANNOT process the 6 different requests being made simultaneously. They are forever saying MOOOOOOOOMMMMM! I'm with you! I look forward to having a small piece of my brain back...someday. Let's see, Grayson is 3...hmmm...give or take 15 years. Yeah, I'll be brain dead by then! :)