Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Do I Lead?

Are we living out our faith as a spiritual hobby or are we leading by a holy passion?

Such a good question!

A question I think we must ask ourselves and then immediately see how are kids are walking.  If they are walking on the outside but sitting on the inside...we are losing them!  They need our prayer, encouragement, guidance (by leading), and more prayer!  Heart change comes from God not from us!

But He can use us to help walk our kids back to grace.  If my actions appear to be religion pleasing, crowd pleasing, only seen at will they ever know a holy passion.

Church doesn't just happen on Sunday.  It is happening every day I wake up and all the way till I lay down.  What do my kids see?  How I respond and react to my children, neighbors, store clerk, or crazy man on the road...matters!  Kids observe!  Kids are learning!  Kids will capture far more than will be taught!

 Passion is something that happens with the heart, will, and mind!  Living out my faith with a holy passion will be seen in all areas of my life!  I don't mean a perfect life...THAT I cannot live out!  But I can live, seek forgiveness, and be quicker to respond better next time.

My first reaction over spilled milk will not be calm!  But I am learning to respond more like Christ every day!  I won't usually exercise that perfect...but kids don't need perfect.  Kids need to see heart change.  So when I first blow up...yep...not so good, they know it and I know it.  When I realize I quite possibly over reacted, I seek their forgiveness, and approach it more Christ-like....God can turn it into a beautiful situation! They have now learned how to allow God to correct their wrong responses.

So how do I lead?
By example!  Humbling...I know:)

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