Saturday, August 25, 2012

Punching! What On Earth!

Nothing like coming around the corner while talking to your Mother-In-Law (on the phone) and seeing your 4 year old punching the living daylights out of the 8 year old!

I couldn't help but yell, "WHAT on EARTH!" (all while holding the phone).

The 8 year old is tucked in a ball in a self defense mode...laughing!
The 10 year old is working on a lego creation...laughing!
The 4 year old is madder than I'll get out throwing punches right/left as fast as his little arms can move!
I, however, am not laughing!

(Although, now I am but not then!)

The conclusion...the 8 year old provoked the entire thing...a constant problem we are dealing with lately.  The 10 year old chimes in from time to time because they think it is funny to get the 4 year old caught up in the moment!  They won't be laughing when this little brother gets stronger as he grows.  They can only laugh now because he has no power behind his punches.  But that will change before they know it. 

Had to put the Mother-In-Law on hold, tell the 4 year old punching is not appropriate!  (Yes, I know they are boys but I won't have punching in anger!)  Had to tell the 8 year old that it is wrong to taunt, tease, and provoke your little brother to anger.  (Yes, he wasn't doing it maliciously but it was still wrong.)  Had to ask the 10 year old, why didn't you get me. "Brock was laughing, he wasn't crying!"  "And it was funny!"  (Boys will be boys but I am still going to train civil behavior!)

Knowing boys will be boys I realized these little guys were sick of mom preparing for school, house staying cleaned because we have a For Sale Sign in the yard, them staying home while I am running teens everywhere.  They needed their time to run, jump, play, be FREE!

I ended the call with the Mother-In-Law (after she and I had a good laugh about the entire thing) then announced to the boys grab what you want...we are going to the park!  Screams of was obvious it had been too long since I had done this!  They grabbed their guns, hats, balls, and gloves...and off to the park we go!  They chatted, laughed, talked, dreamed, asked questions, played, and ran from one thing to another...MOM! Look at this!  MOM! Watch me! Mom! Did you see that?  Happy boys...Happy Mom!

Let's hope I am quicker at realizing the boys need out before they become the 4 year olds punching bag again!

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