Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here We Go...

Oh-me-Oh-my!  It's time, it's here, it's SCHOOL TIME!  We got kids in college, high school, middle school, grade school, and a 4 year old!  Like that wasn't enough we put our house on the market "For Sale By Owner this week too!"

I'm betting I could have some interesting blog post the next few weeks!  *nervous laughter*

Let me mention that this is also in the midst where 4 out of 10 of us have jobs outside the home, college classes 5 days a week, a son playing on an ultimate frisbee 3 times a week, basketball, volleyball, a daughter babysitting for small groups, and only 2 working cars!  And frankly the cars we have are not that reliable but you work with what you got!

I think you should picture my pain of getting son to work, 2 girls to college, back home to school 5 kids, then pick up son from work, run by to pick up college kids, home to fix dinner, then start the evening shuffle here, there, and whoever else needs somewhere.  That doesn't include grocery shopping, clean up, dentist appointments, and so on.'s going to get nutty around here!

But this is what I know!  It is my job to have a plan, teach my children grace in the midst of crazy chaos, and train them to keep their eyes upon the Lord.

I have a choice to let them see a mom that freaks out with so much to do or let them see a mom who walks with the Lord ONE-CRAZY-STEP-AT-A-TIME!

Monday is HERE!

**Hopefully if I lose it...there will only be a flip-flop in my reach if I feel the need to make a noise!  Read previous blog post to understand this comment!

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